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Overt Digital marketing (ODM) is a performance based online marketing agency focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our main objective is to help you develop sales revenue and to maximize the returns on your web marketing investments. We achieve this by:
• Increasing traffic on your website through a better organic positioning on search engines.
• Providing advanced web marketing performance management services.

We are different from other web marketing agencies mainly because:
• We don’t just do the technology: we also strive to understand your business strategy.
• We work like a partner as opposed to a vendor: our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients through the consistent delivery of high-quality and cost-effective web marketing solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
• We are Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified.

Our work will be conducted on a confidential basis and we will preserve the confidential nature of all information received from you and all its subsidiaries, or developed during the project.

Our work will be performed on a best efforts basis consistent with the degree of skill and care normally exercised by marketing firms performing services of a similar nature.

Phases of SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about increasing organic traffic from search engines. When driven by the correct strategy, and measured through the appropriate business metrics, SEO can be a very effective marketing tool.
When compared to other web marketing techniques, SEO benefits tend to be more permanent. SEO is a medium to long term investment, and returns results over time: 2 to 3 months for initial results and 6 to 12 months for full results.
We can provide the full range of services to support your SEO program.

SEO Assessment and Strategy

In order to maximize SEO returns on investment (ROI) it is important to have a sound strategy. The objective is to increase sales and profitability with a reasonable amount of investment. Therefore a few basic rules must be followed:
• The website must be designed in order to drive the conversion of leads into sales.
• The target keywords must be carefully selected in order to ensure:
• an adequate volume of search traffic
• strong relevance to the product or service offered
• a limited competition, to guarantee reasonable ranking costs

The above will ensure that the traffic resulting from the search engine optimization is both relevant and of high enough volumes, compared to the SEO investment.
Assessment: Our assessment service helps you evaluate whether or not SEO is relevant for your business and industry, and if your website is designed and structured to benefit from the campaign.
Strategy: Our strategy service helps you select the most relevant, and cost effective, keywords for your SEO program.


SEO Strengthening is the core SEO activity. It improves the popularity and reputation of your website and it brings your website to the top search results for the target keywords.

Monitoring and Performance Management

We believe that measuring success is fundamental for SEO and this is why we focus on managing the performance of our web marketing programs. Our monitoring and performance management services help you measuring the results and return on investment of your campaign, and to adjust your SEO strategy, if necessary.

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