Website Analytics

Website Analytics is a tool that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. It shows you how people found your website and how they explored it thus giving you rich insights into your website traffic.

Our certified Google Website Analytics specialists will audit your website to find the best setup required. We will then analyse your data & find actionable insights to improve your website performance. This includes improved performance in terms of:

  • Lower bounce rate that is the rate at which people are leaving your website by viewing only one page.
  • Improved engagement in terms of time on site as well as number of pages viewed per visit.

We will also setup tracking to understand the action visitors are taking on your website. This would include:

  • Completing contact forms
  • Registering for newsletters
  • PDF downloads
  • Ecommerce or online sales tracking
  • Number of time your content is being shared on social networks

Our Google Analytics solutions include:

  • An audit of your website
  • Set-up and configuration of your account including events and goal tracking
  • Setting up the dashboard and custom reporting
  • Setting up advanced audience segmentation
  • Data analysis and optimisation recommendations

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