Search and Social Trends in 2016

Below is an infographic from Kenshoo that provides search and social trends for quarter 2 in 2016. The main take out is that Social and Search Advertising continue to grow at double digit rates compared to 2015. […]

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Twitter Advertising in Australia

Twitter has a self serve platform that you can use to achieve your business goals. It can be used to create campaigns to either drive visitors to your website, generate leads, re-market to your website visitors […]

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Understanding Google AdWords Quality Score

A Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search term that is whenever it has the potential of triggering an ad.

It is calculated based on the following:

The click through rate (CTR) of […]

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YouTube and the future of video viewership

In June 2016, YouTube and comScore released a survey based on 2,940 users. The ‘Die Hard YouTube users were aged between 18-34, that is Millennials. The study relates to the discovery and engagement with video […]

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Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads

Google is overhauling its Ads and reformatting them by removing them from the right side of the page to having a longer headline. Although not confirmed as yet, a longer text ad format is being […]

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AdWords Call Extensions and Google Forwarding Numbers

Why Google forwarding numbers?

Through the AdWords Call Extensions, Google forwarding numbers are compatible with third-party call measurement solutions and gives advertisers more insights into their calls performance at no additional cost. They offer useful details such as […]